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Originally Posted by CambuiAl View Post
Fantastic setup - really well done! Here in Sao Paulo, pizza ovens are very popular, although I am ashamed to admit I have a pre-mold concrete job, and wished I had done a proper brick job.

The hardest part was perfecting the dough - I still haven't found the recipe I really like, but it's a lot of fun experimenting. The best thing about the pizza oven is that everyone joins in - it's very interactive compared to BBQ - I have also done some great lasagna and breads in the thing.

I plan on re-doing the BBQ house - it's going to be a setup like yours, with a proper Pizza oven, the BBQ pit, an Argentinean 'Parilla' grill for cooking over wood at closer range and a Brazilian 'Fogo a lenha' which is a wood fired hot plate like this:

Anyway - fantastic job, and I can't wait to hear more about your pizza success stories and some photos of the food please!

Thats pretty cool, indoor wood fired cooking.. Sweet, thanks for sharing.
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