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Well here is the mini-UDS I made for the place I work. Nothing flashy, just a KISS build.

It is a small drum, not sure of the exact size. I made this one upside down so it would be easier to clean and tend to the basket.

This is the WSJ I saved at a yard sale(free).

I fired it up for a seasoning, and I'm not sure if it's the size or what. But this has been the easiest UDS I have made to control the temp. I got it up to 250, ran dead nuts for about 3 hours, bumped it up to 300 for another 2 hours, then up to 400 for a final 3 hours. Each time I had no problem hitting the temp or holding the temp. I shut it down and out of the half of bag of KBB I put in it. there is about 1/2 of that KBB left. I almost don't want to donate it to work. It's awesome.
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