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Default Worth waiting for?

"Designer died in a plane crash."

Did you buy wGrill, I can refund you now."

Sounds like a hard row to hoe.
I tell you what. I've used the wGrill a couple of times. I (and most of us) knew this was a new venture based on some previous experience. I'm new to the site, but was willing to try the thing.
I think this thing shows some real promise. The probes are accurate, but the connections might need some work. I haven't even got batteries for it yet (btw, did anyone confirm which ones are needed? Last I heard there was an "indent" on the right ones.) Would like to see a better (metal) case with some way to attach it somewhere. I'm in for V2. I'm having more troubles keeping temperature on my smoker than learning to use this thing. But I highly recommend getting a technical writer to write the manual for rest of us (more or less) normal people.
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