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Default Meat and Veg Memorial Day Weekend Pron

As part of my Memorial Day Weekend cook, and because I've got to lose some weight, I grilled some veggies (Zucchini, Artichokes, Yams, Potatoes, Yellow Bell Pepper, and Corn) on the gasser. Here they are:

Chicken Thighs

Whole Chicken

2 Tri-tips

3 Bones of beef ribs (this will prove to be an epic fail later)

2 racks of St. Louis Style ribs

Because I wanted to cook the birds at a higher temp than the others, I ran them in my Char-Broil "groker". It's leaky, but it will hold temp for about 4 hours on its own. It's also the first rig the Mrs. and I put together before we got married.

The ribs and Tri-tip went into the UDS.

Birds and ribs were rubbed with Big Mike's Rub from Chicken in a Barrel in Kauai. Tri-tips with South Seas Tri-tip rub overnight.

I was trying to get everything to finish at the same time, but the BBQ Gods did not smile too favorably on me.

Groker hummed at 300 for 4 hours with lump and cherry wood. Here are the birds:

Did I mention that although I started the lump and the charcoal at the same time, the charcoal was not ready for 30 minutes, and the UDS did not come to temp for another 25 minutes? No? O.k. it did.

The UDS was humming at 260-275, until....I lifted the lid at the 2 hour mark to foil the spares. I should have put the lid back on quickly, but I farted around. You know what happened next.....TEMP SPIKE!

400F!!! Good news: I now know my UDS can hit 400 if I need it. Bad news: I don't need it now.

It took me 10 minutes to bring it back under control. I learned my lesson when removing the foil. No spike...but the Beef ribs looked like beef leather....Not even going to show you a pic, that's how pathetic they were.

Here are the spares:

Here are the tri-tips:

Lessons learned?

Use the weed burner next time.
Skip the beef ribs unless they are fresh. Defrosted = Jerky Put the lid back on quickly.
I *might* need to build another UDS.....LOL.
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