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Originally Posted by aawa View Post
Cowboy lump has vastly improved their product. The Cowboy that is produced in Mexico is a superior product to Royal Oak. 100% of the lump is chunks of trees and not scrap wood from a mill. Very little unusable dust/chips. It is denser than Royal Oak but not as dense as Wicked Good Weekend Warrior.

After purchasing one bag and trying it out, i went out and bought another 5 bags.
After using both in the past few weeks, I'm going to disagree with this statement.

The Cowboy has much bigger pieces, and it is actually tree material instead of scraps (made in Mexico) but the quality is not the same as Royal Oak.

The Cowboy does burn longer, but you get a lot more "Blue" smoke from it then you do RO.

I just cooked several times over the last few weeks on Cowboy. I burn off the blue smoke for a solid hour or more at 400 plus on my BGE.

I can throw RO in there, 20 minutes later it's clean and ready to cook.

I too bought 4 bags for 32ish and had them shipped to my TV locally.

However, after using a bag and a half of 'boy, I'm back to RO on my Egg.

YMMV on your particular smoker, but the RO is where I'll go back to.
@ 20 lbs for Cowboy vs. 17.7lbs for RO, the Cowboy is a better deal, but my food is tasting better with RO and I'm not waiting for all the blue smoke to burn off. I know, I can clean it up a little with Hickory or more chips, but the point is I shouldn't have to. FWIW
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