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Default Brisket & Ribs practice

>I'm doing my first real comp next month and decided that this was the weekend to try some things out. We're a two man team. ( My buddy is in charge of pork & chicken, and I'm in charge of ribs & brisket. I've got a grand total of one UDS for for my cook & I know there's going to be some overlap between when the brisket comes off & when the ribs go on.
> I got the brisket on at 6am on the top rack, fat cap up, over a dry aluminum foil pan used as a diffuser. Ribs were going on at 1:30 & by @12 the brisket point was starting to probe tender. At 1:30 the flat was just starting to probe 'kinda' tender but I needed the space for the ribs. So I transferred the brisket to a foil pan, with about a cup of au jus & injection mix, fat side down, because now it was going on the lower rack. This way there's room for the ribs on the upper rack & the foiled brisket will act as a diffuser.
> When I pulled off the ribs for foiling I probed the brisket & it was good to go, so it went into a dry cooler surrounded by towels. A bit later I removed the point & made up the burnt ends. The ribs finished right on time for my 'turn in' at 6:30, then the brisket came out & got served up to an appreciative crowd.
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