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Originally Posted by buccaneer View Post
Wow John, that sous vide works a treat.
It does look just like meat done "bake and brown", or "reverse sear" in the new hype renaming of the old technique!
The uniformity is excellent, except next to the bone, which is to be expected.

One thing, if it is helpful, I would have used more fat and a lower heat to sear for the finish.
As I say, just to be helpful, I would just love to be shoulder to shoulder with you at the table.
Titch gave me a sous vide thing to play with and I still havent got that happening, dammit.
I owe the guy too.

Oh, for our American cousins viewing, our Australian "T-Bone" may be called "Porterhouse" over there, if I have that right?
I was trying to get grill lines on the meat. However my friends BBQ was struggling. I got an instant flare up and needed to keep moving around - the flat plate which wasn't what I wanted to use finished up the saviour. The crust on the tri tip was good but I have liked more on the T-Bones. Bl&$%#y great meat though.
When you stop horsing around it is time to fire up the BBQ & Smoker

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