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Ok guys here are the results.

First off - this was AWESOME. Very tasty. However, I do feel like I got screwed out of 50% of more of my brisket flat.

Above is after I used my hand to grab the big chunks of fat and toss them. It looks to me like the flat is at the bottom and the point is on top. Clearly, I am missing most of my flat.

Above is what I think was the flat. I sliced it thin. Clearly there isn't much of it and this was sandwiched in between fat and point so there is no bark.

Some of the point went nicely into little cubes. Man were these tender!

Above is the pulled brisket. These parts were so wet and full of love that I could only pull them. Wow. Tasty!

So, in summary, my method was awesome: 7 hours on the smoker and then 2 hours in the 270 degree oven. It was "like butter" everywhere after the 2 hour oven.

My only gripe? Here's a 15 lb brisket. How much did it cost? Ok, sit down. $63! This 15 pound brisket yielded me 5, yes five, pounds of meat. I'm not sure if that's normal or not.

I'm fine with supporting my local beef farm and I appreciate that they dry age the beef. So $63 isn't the end of the world. But c'mon, don't tell me I'm gonna get "point and flat" when I clearly don't have the amount of flat as the typical $25 Walmart packer brisket.

Thanks again guys. Overall this was a success. So tasty.
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