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Not on the committee or the board. I was there at Kansas City in January when there was a presentation about the new program.

New software is supposed to track judges. That is why score cards now have table and seat number plus judge number.

This kind of feed back is essential. Everybody needs to get an idea of how they are doing. Outliers, either too high or too low, need to be identified, informed, and efforts made to rehabilitate them.

Right now - at least at our contest, I encourage talk between judges after cards have been turned in. Table captains have their eyes open, and reps have a quiet talk with judges that are more than 2 points off from the rest of the table. Sometimes valid reason, sometimes not.

Before the contest, I pre assign table assignments in an effort to balance experience for each table. I do not want a hot table or a cold table. Right now the only tools are my previous experiences with the judges, plus their experience. Then with inexperienced judges or judges I don't know, I can fill them in around known quantities.

When people are involved who are doing subjective tasks - either cooking or judging-
the idea that you can calibrate them like a piece of machinery or a robot is an illusion

Does not mean we should not make efforts to improve the status quo.

I am hopeful that the new scoring system will take a step in the right direction.

Time will tell.
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