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I have all but finished my first UDS with help from this great site! Today I spray painted with primer, painted with high-heat resistant paint, got the handles on and added the silicone seal, which looks like it's going to work a treat.

The drum with primer:

The final coat of high-heat paint:

The gill in place and silicone seal:

The grill in place and the supports for the higher level, if I ever get a kettle lid.

The charcoal basket with the legs - it's probably too wide but will try it tomorrow:

The finished product with the handles:

I still need a way to get the main ball-valve air inlet tight - it's wobbly right now, and that means air getting in that I don't want. I don't know if some silicone sealant would do the job, or some blobs of weld? Also, I am missing the thermometer - this has been really tricky to track down in Brazil, but I found one, with a 12" spike on it, and will position it just below the lower of the two grills.

The inside is oiled up with some vegetable oil, and it's ready for the first cook tomorrow. I am preparing a rub tonight!
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