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So I recieved my Ique adapter for my Akorn yesterday and decided to try the ring of fire technique to do a low and slow burn. I put the adapter in with the longer side to the right and moved the blower hole to where it would blow straight into the ash pan. I then took a small piece of BGE gasket material and placed it to the left of the adapter to seal the end of the damper track. This allows the damper to slide over the end of the adapter and completely close any air gaps. I have BGE gasket material on my ashpan and around the top lid of the cooker so it is air tight. I then placed a ring of RO charcoal briquettes around the fire pan. No bucket of sand as shown. I started just the 1st 4 coals and then placed my diffuser (a water pan) on top of the coal on a grate. I turned the Ique on and set it for 225. Like this it ran for 13 hours and held a temp of 240-250 the entire time. I have a 1st generation model and had all the blower vents taped off except for 1 of them.
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