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Originally Posted by ChetPunisher View Post
.....The building isn't what sells BBQ, it is the service and food.
It means everything to staying in business. Sure you will get the regulars no matter what, but what brings the final line into black is the drive by that notices a smoker and attractive outside. You don't have time to get discovered. 50% of all new food establishments go under the first year. Unless it's a BBQ
store....then it's closer to 75%. You have to hit the ground running and pull in that once it a life time drive by.
I used drive the country often and when I had the time I would stay off the freeways and visit local BBQ spots. I could always tell if the store would still be there on my next visit by their approach to marketing. They may have had the best Q in town but the clock ran out on them before they had time to be that "quoint" landmark BBQ shop.
The number one secret to any new business: "Put in as little as possible and pull out the same". Not having a $2000 a month bank loan payment for new equipment can be your saving grace. The ads are full of great commercial equipment going for pennies on the dollar. Use someone else's failure to build your success.
Good luck.
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