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Originally Posted by Haastyle View Post
Laddling is your answer to the super crispy skin, but only if the bird is rendered. I have a quart of duck fat in the fridge and just made some confi last week, it lasts forever so I have it on hand for this very thing. If you put the duck in a hot pan and just keep laddling the hot duck fat over the top it will crisp up the rest of the way...... again... if you already have the bird rendered well. By steaming or pouring boiling water over the bird before roasting, it you should have already got the fat warm enough to liquifiy out during the roasting process, and inturn will have plenty to ladle. If you are having troubles rendering.... seperate the skin/fat from the duck initially, or poke small holes in the skin to allow the fat somewhere to seep out during the roasting phase. If you make your own sausage, the little 3 needle poker for air pockets works well for this. Just poke the skin all over but stop short of hitting the meat. If you are interested in seperating the skin from the bird, inject a pocket of air under the fat and work the air bubble around the bird with your fingers to lift the fat up. When that fat is seperated from the meat it has a channel to escape. Your color looks fine so laddling might not be needed at all if you can get that fat to render out. Hope this helps.
I did prick skin and I assume most fat eliminated during 4 hour steaming. The pouring of boiling water plus ladling fat could be the answer,
Thank you for your suggestions.
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