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Originally Posted by Dyce51 View Post
Oh BOY the ball game just changed up on me!! A different inspector from the Health Dept. called me back today........She just changed everything on me!! She is now telling me that I cannot build my own smoker!! She says that welded joints are NOT allowed..?..?.. she says that the smoker needs to be stainless....she has really CONFUSED me now!!! I thought I had the details figured out with the Health Dept then came a different inspector.... UUUUMMMM So I asked her about a Lang60 or a Lang84 and she said I need to submit a detailed spec sheet from the manufacturer with all material grades and info to see if it will be ok.....I'm gonna go totally bald by the end of this!!!!!GGGRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!
If Ohio is anything like Kansas (and I think this holds true in almost all states) you will find that each HD official has the power to interpret the regs in their own fashion.

We went through a very similar situation here in KS. It finally came down to having to go totally commercial grade on all equipment and a commercially built trailer if we were going to be "approved". We got 4 different interpretations from 4 different HD officials of their own regs.

We checked with the state and they said that it was up to any individual inspector to approve things within their individual interpretation. That is why we have stayed with festival events only which do not require a food license and have minimal regs to deal with.

I wish you luck.

EDIT: p.s. I should add that we have a deal with a local licensed kitchen that allows us to use their facility to prep our food stuffs. This allows us to sell at the festivals without having to have a licensed trailer, etc. In KS there is such a thing as a Temporary Food Establishment reg that allows for serving at a limited number (currently 6 in a calendar year) events without needing to obtain a food license. As long as we follow food safety practices regarding transport to the event and holding the foods at proper temps at the event our HD can't touch us.
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