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Originally Posted by GrillsGoneWild View Post
Have you figured up the amount of sales you will need per day/week/month just to make the bills and what your food costs are going to be to meet that?
Oh yeah, that was something I put together well over a year ago even before getting this deep into it. I've got things calculated down to the penny in terms of costs, and then planned daily sales, I've costed out menu items to the penny before setting the sales price, etc.

So it won't take long to see whether or not I'm making or losing money. But since I built a good 20% cushion in almost every initial expense, I hope that even if sales are only average, it means positive cash flow. And so far, virtually everything I've had to pay for or invoice for, has been under what I initially budgeted for, so that's a good start.

Only time will tell, but if it's one thing I understand, it's numbers.
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