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Originally Posted by 1911Ron View Post
Leave the top vent open and position it over the food, that way the smoke and heat will travel over the food before it goes out the top and control the temps with the bottom vents. The more fuel you light the hotter your starting temps will be, i start about 8-10 briqs (or equivilent amount of lump) and catch my temps as it comes up, it is hard to bring it back down after it shoots up.

There are many good threads here and at the Weber Kettle Club site that explain how to smoke on a kettle, i have done a spatchcocked chicken using two half circles of charcoal (two rows (( )) and a third row on top of each) and lite the bottom of one row and the top of the other row, along with a aluminum foil pan with some water in it and chunks spaced out on each row, with top and bottom vents open will cook the chicken just right and no fuss and no muss

Oh btw the kettle in my avatar is cooking the chicken i spoke of!

Like this Ron ?
Its how I set up my Fuel.

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