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So I used the fire basket and the wGrill yesterday and here are my thoughts.

1. The base diameter on the fire basket should be increased to cover all three air inlets.

2. You should probably use a grill for the bottom piece instead of a solid metal sheet with holes drilled in it, the holes got clogged very easily.

3. You should put some kind of heat proof handle on it so its easy to pick up and adjust or clean when its still hot.

So here is how the cook went. I started the day by filling up the charcoal basket and using the blow torch to get 5-6 piece of charcoal lit. The temp got to 200F with the valve in the open position and it just stalled there for the first two hours, I attribute this to the ashes clogging the air holes in the basket. By the third hour the temp had dropped to 180F and I decided to go in and have a look. I removed the meat grill and lifted the lid on the fire basket, sure enough all holes were clogged with ashes. I went and got some oven mitts and picked up the fire basket and poured the contents into my charcoal chimney. The fire basket was extremely hot and the oven mitts only helped a little, having a heat proof handle on the basket would have been great here. Once the basket was emptied and the clogs cleared I put it back over the air inlet, poured back the already lit charcoal I had in my chimney and then placed fresh charcoal over the top to fill it up, replaced the meat grill and closed the lid. I also removed the tin foil valve at this point as it was blocking too much and not allowing air to flow in. With one air inlet completely open the kettle hovered around 250F naturally, I continued the cook for another 3 hours and the ribs were done. The fire basket was much more efficient when the lit coals are on the bottom of the basket instead of the top of it. The tiny holes might have been ok had I used my Dog controller since it would 'force' air through, the only issue I see with this is that hot drippings would go down into the fan since the air inlet is also acts as a drainage point. At this point the fire basket I would say has potential but will need a few revisions before I could recommend it as a solid product.

The wGrill I had issues with, I could not connect to it with an iPhone, Samsung Galaxy S4 or my Acer laptop. I could see wGrill from my laptop but every time i tried to connect it said failed to connect, I made sure to check off "display characters" to ensure I was using the right password= 1234567890123. I could not see the wGrill from the two smartphones that I had available to me during my cook, it simply would not show up even when I refresh the search. Also the inlet for input 1 broke off and fell inside of the unit, I was only able to use input 2 because of this. I used the unit manually by checking the display every half hour.

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