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So - the burn out is now done, and I am ready to give the drum a final clean out inside before spraying with vegetable oil.

I have 3 questions please:

Painting outside - Not sure if I need a primer or not, and I was going to use a high-temp spray paint that people use for painting wood burner chimneys here. I assume I need a paint that will do high-temps, even if this thing will never get that hot? What paint do most folk use?

The lid fit question - it sits okay, but there are a couple of points where it wobbles. I have read (700 pages so far) in this post about people using a type of gasket tape, the type of silicone sealant used in oven doors (I can get this in Brazil) and there is also a type of rope that might or might not have fibre-glass in it. Any thoughts? Of course, I could just sit a heavy weight on the lid while cooking!

Thermometer - I have one on my pizza oven and it has a 12" probe on it. I take it that people just push this in and out when ready to cook (i.e. it's removable) as otherwise it would get in the way of loading the charcoal basket in and out?

Many thanks!
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