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I know a few people mentioned seeing pictures of the kitchen, so I was able to get a few of those today. Also took a few measurements and it looks like I might be able to keep the smoker inside and utilize one of the existing ventilation exhaust ducts. That would be a huge improvement, so hopefully that will work out so I don't have to keep it out back in the shed.

The kitchen isn't much to look at, but that's fine. Only real work needed back there as per the health inspector was a new drop ceiling since the ceiling now is practically falling down, and then fix up the vinyl tiles on the floor or pull them all up and just paint/seal the concrete.

The big antique ice machine is going, though. It takes up a ton of space and even cuts off part of the doorway making it hard to get through. Going to get a soda dispenser/ice maker combo from Coke to put out in the dining room instead.

Here's even more refrigeration. A big three door unit.

There's a stove and oven tucked in the corner, but I think I can pull that, move the storage racks, and shoehorn the smoker there and tie into that exhaust, which would save a fortune. Hoping that works out now.

The walk-ins.

And finally, the main cooking area. Just a grill, large flat top, and fryer right now, but the flat top is going away and I plan on putting in a combo range/griddle unit there instead.
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