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Default From Squid to Exsquisite?

Lovely squid tubes were reasonable, and I was looking for something light and punchy.
The kitchen was all seafood because I was using prawn goodies to make a broth for Tom Yum Goong anyway, so why not enhance by doing a squid dish and taking advantage?
I'll show you what I mean.
I warn you the pics are from my iphone, not good.
Mise en place is crucial.
A French term for having everything set out before turning n the heat to cook, but the practice came about in China an eon before the French had discovered what a restaurant was.
Stir frying means being ready or failing.
Garlic and dried chili and all the sauce and vinegar and oils in a bowl.(sesame oil, soy, white vinegar, sugar)

Next, I used the prawn broth to poach the squid that I had cut and prepped, just for 60 seconds.

Heat a little oil up to medium high and add the hard ingredients and fry till the garlic changes colour and add the squid and toss, then the bowl of sauces and oils

Serve on a plate with some bean shoots and peanuts for texture and crunch, and some fresh lime juice to squeeze over.
A punchy spicy yet tart and sweet Gung Poh Prawns!

Thanks Brethren
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