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Originally Posted by North Is Up View Post
It doesn't look like the previous place was in business very long. Just a few months. I wish you the best in this business venture.
Yeah, the previous owners put about $30k into renovations and then only stayed open for about six months. They have a restaurant about 7 miles down the road and tried to open this place as a second location and quickly realized they couldn't run two places at the same time.

Nice people and I eat at their place often, but they just spread themselves too thin with two places. But they are already sending business my way and telling everybody about this new BBQ place, so it should be a good mutual relationship since we don't step on eachother's toes in terms of menu or open times.

Originally Posted by Hometruckin View Post
I am with Landarc. Open with the least amount of capital investment. Good food and word of mouth is KEY! Treat your curious, first time clients like your beloved family, serve them food that you, yourself love. Make it with all of your Heart and never compromise!

Give, Give, Give until it hurts. Then re-evaluate.
Was it worth it? Monetarily, as well as Physically, Emotionally, & Mentally.

Look at the financials after 9 mos, at least. Was it worth it? YES/No. Decision time...Can you, or do you want to continue??????

HAVING BEEN IN YOUR SHOES, I wish you the best! I would do it again, anytime! I am just Stupid like that!
Thanks. My previous life was in finance, so that's one aspect of the business I think I have under control. So that I can handle, but dealing with the staff and that side of a restaurant business, that may very well be a challenge. But I'm up for it.
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