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Originally Posted by Crazy Harry View Post
best of luck. beer license or is that later
It will be later if I do it at all. I'm a big beer fan as a brewer myself, so getting at least bottled beer in there would be nice. But we'll see how things go.

Originally Posted by ---k--- View Post
You got balls. Opening a restaurant is tough. Good luck.

I'm back and forth between Three Rivers and Chicago. Keep posting and I'll try and stop in some time.
Less balls and more stupid/crazy I think. And yeah, you probably don't pass too far by if you go to Three Rivers from Chicago.

Originally Posted by Toast View Post
To the OP. Fantastic post Sir. You mention the plain outer siding. Some of the best BBQ in my town are known by "Look for the blue building off this street". You can build a mystique around it.

I'm a mechanical guy and would recommend you keep the grass cut well away from that condenser unit/heat pump to save a lot of headaches and money down the road.

The product will speak for itself. If it's good, you'll be expanding soon. Folks don't really care about what a place looks like IF the food is good.

Just my .02 and Best of Skill in your venture.
Thanks. Yes, that's why I figure the exterior is the last on the list of things to fix or update. But the siding really is in disrepair in a few spots, mostly on the other side of the building and the health inspector was giving me a bit of trouble with it, so if the budget allows it would be nice to update and get away from the cheap baby blue.

Good call on the grass around the AC units. The previous owners decided to skip mowing so far this year since they knew it was under contract, so it got out of control. I planned on nuking the grass in that area and just putting down gravel or stones or something. No reason to have grass growing there anyway since it would just be a pain to maintain, but knowing that it's also a potential issue for the AC units, even more of a reason to get rid of it. Thanks for the suggestion!
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