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Is lookin for wood to cook with.

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Default Now with PrOn...

Ok, a little shy of halfway through the first cook. Still getting the hang of the fire control on this rig. But, I've been able to keep it between 215 and 235 with only a few drops when I got distracted. Sitting at 222 right now with a butt at 140, another at 138, and a brisket at 155. Oak and hickory with only wood (shorts split down to 3-4 inches around) added since the first chimney. Been preheating the splits on the firebox. Actually had a few go to flame up there! I put them in a chimney and smoked a Fuji apple over them. It is now the proud component of a smoked fuji apple bourbon sauce.

I snapped this pic while I had the door open to throw in a basket of jalapenos.

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