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.....and DONE! WOW! Reading this entire thread from post #1 was an epic, almost 4-week mental workout!

I think the most frustrating part of the whole experience is reading a question that I know the answer to, and seeing that said question was posted in like 2009...

Two cooks in with my UDS, and I'll tell you that I love it. I open the ball valve and uncap the other 2 nipples, dump a 15lb bag of KBB in the basket, start 12 KBBs in the chimney, then dump them onto the unlit when they're ready to go. I watch the oven thermo through the Weber exhaust holes, and cap 1 nipple when it hits 150. I cap the second nipple at about 180 and close the valve about half way. It gets up to about 230 -250 and chugs right along for as long as I've needed it to - rock steady. I have absolutely no complaints at all.

I gotta wait until June 1st for more project money, then I'll be adding handles and a thermo. I'm already thinking on another build. I told you that y'all were a bad influence...
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