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Default cost

Drum was $30'ish, paint was around $40, 2 thermostats was $45, $25 for the grills, $10 for bolts and nuts and such, so, around $150. Keep in mind, I didn't pay anything for the valves, the pipes, or the charcoal basket.

Basket was probably $25-$30 in materials, and the valves run around $30 each and I have 4 of those included (3 at bottom, one in lid), but, you don't have to go with three valves on the bottom, could easily do one and two bolts that you pull out when needed or a couple of caps.

If I had to buy everything, I'd be around $300 bucks (dang, that adds up fast) but, I think it's worth it just with what I'm saving in fuel to smoke.

Without the valves, I'd be sitting around $180 or so.

Hope that helps

Now it's time to start My sons R2-D2 smoker, then gotta rebuild the Bandera. Busy busy busy.... LOL


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Looks nice. Do you know about what your total cost was? I have a friend that wants to build one like that. Thanks.
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