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Unhappy Scored a Used 18.5 WSM... Charcoal Grate rusted?


So I scored a used WSM 18.5 WSM (AA) from a guy near Toronto for 120 bucks. It was in decent shape, replaced a few nuts but nothing major. The only thing that has me worried is the charcoal grate. Its my first smoker, let alone my first charcoal experience. The grate is RUSTED. I mean rusted to shreds, now I can possibly clean it up with a LOT of sandpaper but i'm wondering, is that normal? Should there be rust on the grate? I haven't found rust on anything else except on that grate.

I'll try and take a picture of it tomorrow and show u guys.

If i need a replacement, do i need to get it directly from weber? (you guys may not be able to answer this as I'm in Canada, and Home Depot is nothing liek the US counterpart nor do we have ace hardware :D)

Thanks guys
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