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Originally Posted by CBQ View Post
For BBQ, avoid anything that is "good for you." Organic? Grass fed? Free range? Local farm? Sustainable? Pfft.

(I'm kidding, but only partly. Larger, well marbled cuts of beef and pork are what you want. Healthier generally means leaner. Great for the grill, not so good for slow fire cooking. If you want to pay double for a brisket, at least get a 17 pound grain fed Wagyu or something. Those lean locally raised free range chickens are great on your table, but they won't do as well in a comp as the mass market stuff at the supermarket. )
i would disagree with this blanket statement.

while not a "BBQ" here is an example of quality grass fed, local, and organic beef.

and here's a brisket of same elk. flat over point.

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