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Originally Posted by Mark M View Post
Wow, that looks good. Can you provide instructions for how you did it from start to finish? I've never done pastrami or corned beef. You've got me wanting some now. Thanks.
I picked flats that were the biggest in the bin and had the best marbling. I also chose a brand that had the least salt. After debagging the meat I rinsed them and put them in a pot with water. Over the next two days I changed the water four times. I see where someone adds cubed potatoes to the water to help draw out the salt. That seems like a good idea and I might try that next time.

There are a number of pastrami rubs on this site and through the google. I used Sir Porkalot's rub, reducing the salt a by about 20% and addubg a little thyme and a little granulated garlic powder. I also boosted the ground coriander because it is, to my palate, the root of the pastrami flavor profile. I've looked for coriander seeds to grind but haven't been able to find them locally. I may bite the bullet and mail order them.

I rubbed the flats the night before the smoke and let the sit in the fridge. Because of my schedule I chose to start my cook around mid day with a service time of 8 pm. That worked out fine. I pulled the meat out when I started the fire in the WSM. I used a full ring of Kingsford comp briquettes with a depression in the center to which I added about a dozen or so lit briquettes. I added about three fist sized chunks each of apple and hickory.

The first couple of hours I ran the fire at about 250 or so then ramped it up to about 275 for a couple more hours. I pulled the meat at around 175. I put two flats in a cold oven for an hour or so to rest before sticking them back in the fridge over night. They were vacuum sealed and stuck in the freezer the next day.

I steamed the third brisket in a dutch oven for a couple of hours. I sliced it right out of the steamer for sandwiches like they do in NY delis. Hope that helps.

Search pastrami on the site and you'll find a couple of other approaches to this.
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