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Default Transporting a Backwoods Competitor

I foolishly thought that a hand truck would be a good solution for hauling my cooker around. Well, it works if I want to haul it around a flat surface, but to drag or run that up the aluminum ramps into my trailer (with barn doors) is suicide.

We did it, but I can't see me doing this at comp sites over and over, it was really quite difficult.

My first comp is a week away, and I am now considering laying a piece of metal underneath it, dragging it to the open doors, and cooking with it in the trailer. I'd fashion some sort of a vent for the chimney, but I'd really rather not. I want it out of the trailer, but no at the cost of my spine or the risk of tipping it off the ramps.

Buying big casters at Princess Auto is tempting, but with this thing weighing in at 350 pounds, I worry about it being top-heavy, and what kind of support I can expect from those casters. I worry about getting stuck in soft ground at some sites as well.

What do you folks do?

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