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Default Build Finished...Can I call it a Santa Maria?

Some of y'all may have seen an earlier post of a fire ring I had made, 1/4" plate, 48" diameter, 16" tall with some Gator logo plasma cutouts.

In action at a camp out.

Well, been planning on making an adjustable grill for it, gathered up some materials on hand from previous projects and here is what we came up with. It's made to sit inside the fire ring, free standing. I'm a little surprised that it is very stable for only being 80#-100#, easy two to move it around.

In addition to the fire ring, it has two major assemblies: The stand and the cooking grate. The stand has a 30" square base of 2"x2" tubing, the verticals are 2" angle, top bar is 2"x2" tubing.

Made the cooking grate with two 10" vertical lifting guides. My logic is I can add a rotisserie at about 7"-8" above the cooking grate.

Decided on a boat winch & pulley system for lifting, here is a little detail.

This one shows those 10" cooking grate guides moving in the opposed 2" angle - very smooth and no binding.

Plenty strong, 40# pool salt didn't even begin to stress anything.

So here it is again.

Next time you see it it will be married up to the fire ring and cooking something.
OK, so now that it's ready to go, what do y'all think I should throw on for the first cook this weekend? Oh yea, is it OK to call it a Santa Maria style or do I need another name?
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