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@MR Bo - thanks. I bottled out on the charcoal basket as I think that IS galvanised mesh :(

I tracked down someone in Sao Paulo just today at

who is making a new basket for me, with some help from some photos from this site! I feel I have cheated somewhat, but I did need someone to make the grill for me anyway, as Weber is not available here at reasonable cost.

That metal sheeting with the circular holes 'chapas perfuradas' is most commonly used as grill material in Brazil, and I did see someone who had made their entire charcoal basket from it. The only doubt was if the ash could drop out, or if it would end up putting out the coals because it can't fall through. I will see what this guy comes up with - he seemed pretty animated about it, although my Portuguese is fairly limited when it comes to metalwork vocab!

@Peddler - Flat lid is the way to go for me, and I am quite happy with that. I am planning on using the 2" hole for a chimney pipe and another 3 x 3/4" outlets with nipples that I can close if I need to, either for rain protection or to control the temps. I will have to see how snug a fit the flat lid is after my burn this weekend, but I am sure I can make that work.
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