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Thats what i was thinking, how much moister is left in the bricks will determine my safety. haha. I hope that the pizza oven will be worth it. i hope it can take at least 500 degrees of heat., ill just put a stone above the pizza to reflect the heat done, but then again, i have a weber kettle and a red sky grilling stone. i could keep that as the oven and then just make a smoker out of cinder blocks.


I seen molten glass poured into plaster molds. but that required weeks to months (depending on the mold size) of curing in a kiln before pouring the glass.

Our shop floors where we had the furnace(s) had a 3" bed of pack sand and clay to prevent the concrete from spalling if metal spilled. its not alot of fun having concrete spall while holding 10+ pounds of molten metal at the end of a long set of tongs.

for a tempory use I might use blocks and just be careful about heating them to fast to hot. but long term, I would be worried about the block breaking up.
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