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Originally Posted by wrenfro12 View Post
I am much more comfortable with 12v DC power so my question is this....the heating element is wired directly to the power line that is plugged into the 220 outlet with the pid/ssr turning it on and off... What is it about the heating element that keeps it from drawing too much power and throwing the breaker?
The element will heat to it's max wattage (all elements do this). Based on max wattage, I have the breaker sized acrodanly (plus 5% as I want to run other things off the 120v outlet). Additionally, I have a fuse in the electrical box sized to the max of what the element should draw. If the element draws more (as it could when it ages), it will pop the local fuse and should never get back to the breaker. However, if the fuse does not do it's job, the last man standing (the breaker) should do it's job.

Also, I could double fuse each hot side (120v) of the element but that's a bit of an overkill.

To be honest, I just put the fuse in for the drawing to make others feel comfortable, I will not be using a fuse in my implementation, the breaker should do it's job and I'm fine with it (I'm not building a retail unit that has to comply with UL standards).
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