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Originally Posted by Teltum View Post
Vision asked the question of the day.

When I switched I switched from kbb and lighter fluid to Cowboy lump there was a night a day difference in my opinion. I think that may be more because of the chimney and not lighter fluid.

So KBB may not be that bad in retrospect if I light it in a chimney. The amount of ash was the biggest reason for the switch to lump.
KBB charcoal is fine charcoal to use. Starting it in a chimney and you will get a nice clean burn with it without the taste of petrolium products.

I switch between lump charcoal and briqs depending on what is onsale as well as using a mixture of both. The amount of ash produced by briqs though makes using them in my Mini's tougher as they will fill the ash bowl much quicker.
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