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Originally Posted by caliking View Post
I think I decided to take a breather from TD's when a Thai entry won the Indian one.

I need more photography oomph though. I can take reasonably good outside pics with my smartphone, but the lighting in my kitchen sucks and doesn't make my plated shots look any better. TD winners/hi vote-getters usually have amazing/stunning plated shots, so this may be the fuel for getting that DSLR I've wanted for a while.
That was an honest mistake on my part , and it was actually a three way tie for the win.

As far as the pics go, Bigabyte put up a great post on Photography Tips with much input from others. All I use is an inexpensive point and shoot Panasonic camera following much of the advice. I do have the same problem with indoor shots so when at all possible I take the money shots outside.

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