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Some of you won't remember me.... I'm Kathy and I entered TDs religiously until about April this year or so. Thought I could make it back for May but no. It's a time thing. When I first started entering TDs last June I was just learning how to smoke and over a few months I made the most startling progress. I surprised myself. I took awful photos and they got better, and better, then I got a new camera..... surprised myself again! If you want to be a better cook or learn to use your camera -- that's a good enough reason to enter weekly or as often as you can. Never mind the theme, don't let special rules stand in your way, nobody else does. If you enter to learn how to cook better or use your camera better (or both like me), the voting is just the frosting.... or lack thereof. I'm coming back in June, look out you Noobes!

Am I the only one that spends more than an hour in snippets taking photos, another hour weeding through and transferring pics to photobucket and another hour and a half posting a cook thread? Add the prep and cook time and posting a TD entry takes up the lion's share of one day. It's the chatty Kathy thing, isn't it?
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