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Default Missing Cambros! Missing Alabamagrillbillies!

Has any one heard for Alabamagrillbillies? I sent him $300.00 for the three Cambros via pay pay and he received it on the 2nd of may. He told me that he would he would put them in the male that Saturday at the 2nd was on a Thursday and that he would send me confirmation number the day he sent it. I looked Saturday and no conf number so I tried to contact him via email and private message and received nothing until about a week later when he told me that he had cell phone and Internet problems. I told him I understood and he stated that he shipped the Cambros and two came back due to the tops falling off and ups told him to reship. He told me that one was on its way and that he would eat the shipping on the other two and send me the conf numbers that night. I waited and again did not receive the Cambros . Since then I have made numerous attempts to contact him and no response. He still has $200.00 that I paid him but and as of this date I have not received or heard anything from him. Any suggestions or does anyone know him personally and can contact him for me and see what's going on? Maybe something happened to him or possibly he forgot (I highly doubt it). I just want him to make it right and send me the Cambros that I bought. If you know him on a personal level please pass this on. Thanks for your help.
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