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Originally Posted by WareZdaBeef View Post
Am I the only one who finds the thread topic a bit racist?
Mod Note:

Thank you for looking out for us! Please use the report post button if there is something that you think is a rules violation instead of posting in the thread. (read the rules, first, of course ).

In this case, the rules say...

We have an international demographic.
Racism, slurs, prejudice, bigotry, vulgarity is FORBIDDEN. We are a BBQ group with friends around. You have NO IDEA who is in the room until u meet them. Common decency and common courtesy overrules freedom of speech in this forum. Period. You attack another member or group, your are out of here.
We've already established that Judaism is a religion, not a race, but we can extend the rules to include religious slurs as well as racial slurs and I don't think anyone will argue.

But, in this case, the word Jew isn't being used as a slur or in any derogatory way. Also, based on Cameraman's post above, he is Jewish, so I doubt that he would be slurring his own religion (If I'm wrong, Cameraman, please correct me).

Finally, even if he weren't Jewish, the use of the word Jew in a non-derogatory manner is a fairly common occurrence. The mod team spotted the thread title as soon as it was posted and did a little research. Based on that research we decided that no slur was intended so we let it ride.

As an example of our research, take a look at this article about the Long Island Kosher BBQ Championship.

Look at some of the team names...

Bar B Jew
Grilled to Meat Jew

Pretty clever, and they use the word Jew and are not derogatory.
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