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Originally Posted by Higgledy View Post
Nice! What about the bread down south? They can't it right like NY bread.
There's a bakery in town called Bread n' Company that makes a very fine seeded rye. Publix seeded rye is also very good. Both places will slice it to your desired thickness. It's been ages since I've been to NY so I honestly can't say how it compares. When pressed I'll buy a package of Arnold's Jewish rye and feel no regret.

Originally Posted by WareZdaBeef View Post
Am I the only one who finds the thread topic a bit racist?
I guess I could have said Tennessee Jewishbecueish but it doesn't have the same pizazz. BTW, we're not a race we're a religion. Actually I think the whole concept of race is a bit dated. (I do get your point though.)

Oh I should have mentioned: I steamed the flat for two hours before serving. It was extremely moist and tender.
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