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I agree with marubozo. My wife and I have calculated what the cost is to make a single box (in your case probably a plate). We took our cost and multiplied it by 3 and added a few extra cents to make it a normal number (6.75 instead of 6.67). This brings it closer to 30% of your cost. Sometimes with catered events you can and should charge a little more to cover the extra time you would be serving or delivering the food. The combination of the sauce, injection, wood, rub and propane/charcoal costs us about 36-40 cents per pound for brisket and pulled pork. Boston butts generally don't lose too much weight, I usually add an additional 50 cents per pound for pulled pork to my cost to be safe (when I pull it I remove the fat cap). Chicken doesn't lose a whole lot either. Your food amounts look good if they are your finished weight. With your sides you generally want to plan on about 1/4 pound of meat per person and a Hawaiian Roll (I'm thinking slider sized?) will hold about 2 oz.

Best of luck!

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