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The Backwoods Party, is a great smoker. the only thing I found to be problem was not trusting it!

I start by lighting about 12 briquettes in my chimney. I let them get ashed and pour them into the right front corner. I fill the fire tray with unlit briquttes and put it in the smoker, close the fire door and start the Guru! The left vent is completely closed as my guru is attached to the right vent. It takes almost an hour or so to get to 250 degrees. After it hit tempature it is very stable. I have used many different brands of charcoal, including lump
and its the same method for all. Once it is up to temp, I put on my meat and close the door. I add my wood to the fire box, (take a few secs) close it and leave it alone. It will get back to temp on its own. Just trust it! The Party performs different from other smokers, but cook just as well or better. if you need more information, call Backwoods, they are more than happy to talk to you and answer all of your question on their equipment, ask for Mike or Chase!!
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