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somebody shut me the fark up.

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Originally Posted by cameraman View Post
I'm convinced that Noshville is an antisemitic plot to undermine my people's food creds. . They use rounds for corned beef and pastrami, a mortal sin in my book.

HERESY!!! BURN THEM!!! (I do like a little pastrami with my fat though I will admit...and I always use the point and don't trim much at all)

Originally Posted by cameraman View Post
Jacks has ok Q and it's convenient to downtown. If you want some Q that's worth traveling for hit up Martin's BBQ joint 20 min south of N'ville in Nolensville. Pat Martin has received a lot of national attention. My meals there are always humbling experiences.
It was your recommendation that took me to Martin's. It made the whole week in Nashville worthwhile.
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