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Originally Posted by gaspipe1 View Post
BTW this is the way you want to do it... place orders in lots of 4. This way you save $5 for every order.
Picked mine up last night. (Cowboy Lump, to be clear).
Made in Mexico.
I should've taken pics...sorry.

This is NOT lumberyard scraps. The only I saw so far are TOO BIG of pieces, a nice problem to have, especially for the low and slow folks such as myself.

So, based on look at quality, great price.

I'm cooking butts Friday, Large butts, nearly 22lbs for the I'll see how they cook/burn/temp on Friday. If it turns out well, I'll be buying more online and shipping to store. It's cheaper to buy 4 online and use the code then it is to walk in and buy it.
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