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Default Grilling skinless boneless chicken breasts

I see comments that guys cannot cook these without turning them into shoe leather

I figured everyone knew how to do this, but apparently not

I have been cooking them for many years so I thought I would try to help out since its very simple

If the breasts are whole or large, cut them into smaller strips but not too small, maybe 2"

You dont have to brine them, I never do

Start your grill, I use a Weber OTS, with maybe 3/4 chimney of briqs or lump, doesnt really matter

After they are going, dump them in and push them to one side

Put the grill grate on and the lid, let the fire settle in

Then put your meat on the opposite side, away from the heat after you season however you want.

Then just let them cook for about 5 mins, then turn them over, keep doing this and keep your eye on them

Its kind of like cooking a steak, you feel the meat to see just when it starts firming up, pushing on it with your tongs or whatever you are using

You will see them start to plump up, they are about done. Apply sauce and give it a min or two, then remove

If you are not sure they are done, slice one open, it wont hurt anything, they need to be cut anyway

you will quickly get the hang of it. Never cook them direct.

a few pics, they got consumed before I could take a pic of one cut open
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