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Default BWS Smoker Party Question

I believe I mentioned before that I purchased a BWS last December and I am still learning it. I love the unit but I have been getting used to some of the quirks / differences between it and my big smoker.

One issue I have been experiencing is a dramatic drop in temp when I put my meat on. I fire up the BWS as normal – with water in the pan- to 230 degrees. Once there I put my meat on (by sliding the whole rack in with the meat on). Then the temp drops 40 or so degrees and takes forever to return to 230 and often runs up to 250 to 260. The temp drops some on my big smoker but not that much and it quickly returns to the target temp. Granted the rack is in the unit so I am just putting the meat on a hot rack. In both cases I let my meat sit out about an hour or so to get to room type temp.
I can adjust to this but I really don’t want to – I would rather it be more consistent than that.

Anyone else have heat fluctuations like that?
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