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My kids spend their summers working at a boy scout camp. Last summer my oldest son brought a uds down with him to camp. He started cooking pulled pork on their days off. Then a big storm came through and knocked out power to the camp. Power was out for a week. Camp was closes, but the staff stayed there to clean up.

Son ended up cooking for 70+ people a day on his
That's fantastic that your son could provide for that many during a power outage, I'd be proud as well. Now can everyone get off the power outage issue, yes this is an electric smoker, I'm sure Marvin is not building it for a dooms day situation. You all are correct it's electric, therefore, if the power is out Marvin can't smoke on the particular unit. I'm loving this build and can't wait to see more, keep up the good work Marvin, electric or not.
That's ok Jonesy, I knew some would not prefer this setup. But I do and hopefully my work (as others before me have done) will help others who are thinking about this type of setup.

I think more will be interested once I do the 30 gal 120v version.

Again, thank you for the encouragement.
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