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cazzy's wings

Ingredients needed
Chicken wings (whole or cut to flappers and drumettes)
1 cup soy sauce (low sodium)
1 cup brown sugar
1/2 cup Mirin Rice Wine
1 tbsp fresh ginger root (peeled and grated)
1 tsp chili flakes
*I use this as a base and multiply quantities based on need.

Making the marinade
In a sauce pan, bring soy, brown sugar and mirin rice wine to a boil and leave on heat till brown sugar has dissolved. Stir regularly and throughout after boil to avoid scorching. Low heat and add ginger and chili flakes. Simmer for 10 min while stirring regularly. Remove from heat and refrigerate.

****The longer you let the chili flakes steep, the better your results will be as the sweet heat will really come through. Plan ahead and you'll be golden Ponyboy!

Marinate wings for 24 hours in chilled marinade prior to cook (the chili flakes will rise to the top so shake it up). I use a gallon bag to marinate because I like to lay bag flat and flip after 12 hours.

****Hold some marinade back for basting. Some members will boil the marinade after they remove the wings and use that for basting. Whatever you're comfortable with.

The cook
Fire up your pit and stabilize at 375-400. I use a adjustable rig with a 16" drip pan and cook above the felt line. Place drumettes on outside and flappers in the middle because it will be hotter on the outside due to the drip pan. This is the anal part but I find it really makes the wings tacky and layers the flavor. At 10 min, I baste with marinade, then again at 15min. At 20min I flip and baste and then baste again at 25 min. This process is why I use a drip pan cause the marinade will make your lump smoke a undesirable taste into the wings. Your wings will be at about 145-150 and should really start having a beautiful brownish red color. Remove at 175-185ish as this will ensure the collagen breaks down. Some may go over a lil but no worries, it's hard to screw up wangs!!

Using different soy sauces will change the flavor a tad and you can reduce/increase ginger and chili flakes based on preference. Feel free to ask me any questions!

The process is obviously what I use on my egg, but I've done these on a pit my gramps made me from a water heater and had great results.

The other wings are nothing special...just put some of your favorite rub into a zip lock bag and add corn starch. Shake it up and use that to season your wings and your end result will be a crispier wing. Use either a 4:1 or 3:1 rub to corn starch ratio.

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