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Where I am at, a 1Mil GL will cost $800 for a year policy. Each county may require a business license, then each city within that county may want you to buy a license from them also.Sales tax rates my vary by city also, which complicates bookwork. You should always check temps of your food and keep written logs to CYA. If you are selling to another caterer I would insist they take a temp reading upon acceptance and sign something saying you delivered all food at a safe temp and they accept responsibility to maintain safe temps. They drop the ball and someone gets sick, the more paperwork you have to cover your butt, the better off you will be. If gong legit, a HD inspector could show up at any time. Make sure to have cook logs, a food therom AND probe wipes. Seen others get busted for not having a proper wipe to clean the probe between uses. Cooking is easy. cooking for the public is harder. Cooking legit for the public can be down right hard work.
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