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Default Tasteless Pulled Pork?

Has anyone ever experienced tasteless pulled pork? I made my pulled pork the way I have always done (except for three variables); rubbed and sat overnight, and pulled from fridge about an hour before cooking. Variable one: I mixed some apple juice with my rub and injected the shoulder. Variable two: Cooking on an offset smoker instead of a weber. Variable three: cooking two 8 pound shoulders at once instead of one.

First let me say that these were the juiciest moistest shoulders I have ever done. The bone pulled with zero effort and the texture was awesome! Bark color was really good and I used a ton of hickory chunks. The pieces of pork that had the bark were flavorful of the rub. But NONE of the meat had ANY smoke flavor and there wasn't really any smoke ring present.

My initial thoughts; the temperature was too high and seared/sealed the meat before the smoke could penetrate? Or the apple juice injection "watered" everything down? has anyone had this experience before?
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