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Originally Posted by Prospector View Post
Building my first UDS. Just ordered a Pitmaster IQ for it. My question is, if I am using the temp. regulator, then do I need the other two air vents in the bottom of the UDS?
I use a BBQ Guru II (I think I have a 25cfm fan, but that is a wag). Anyway, one fan hole is more then enough to put flames out the top of my barrel during light up (does it now, pretty sure it did the same on v1). Originally I had a 3 hole, and ended up plugging 2 and just hooking the fan to the first. Since I had NO diffuser - this caused my fire to be rather off center. I currently have a very effective diffuser (extreme overkill I suspect). I suspect a standard Guru diffuser would have worked fine (which just causes the fan to blow across the inside wall of the barrel) - and if I was a betting person, I suspect your unit will have some sort of rudimentary diffuser as well.

As for overkill - I have my fan underneeth the barrel and I have a 12 guage diffuser the same diameter of the barrel. I cut 1" tabs all the way around the diffuser and bent 1/2 of them down (making feet). As such I have 1" squarish holes spaced every inch around the outside edge of the drum.
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